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February 14, 2017...

Yesterday was a good day after all. The Birthday Surprise from the UTB was totally awesome. If you don't know what I'm talking about click here. Anyway, I got up early today, Valentine's Day, but I was not in the mood to go anywhere. In any case, we’d been informed about the time for our different activities.

Surveying my surroundings...

I chose quad-biking and that activity along with the bungee was fixed for the afternoon. It basically meant, staying put in the room to send down all necessary deliverable to the office. Those who were in for the horse-riding and whitewater rafting had a morning call and were off before I even rolled out of bed. I would have loved to follow them just to take pictures though.

The pool view from the restaurant...

Anyway, I probably was the last person to eat breakfast because I didn't bother leaving my room. I was lucky though that I got to the restaurant before breakfast was closed, and one of the staff packed a sumptuous meal which I took back to the room where I continued my work before settling down to devour the food.

Back in my room with my breakfast...

By the time it was afternoon, I was ready to roll. We were summoned after lunch and I and those of us on the afternoon adventure shift met at the reception, before getting on the bus and driving down to Bugaji for the All-Terrain Adventure quad biking action. The guys were quite worried about our well-being and safety and wouldn't want us to carry anything such as cameras that may disturb our concentration.

All set and ready to zoom off...

It started raining as we rode through the village, but it didn’t rain for too long, nor was heavy unlike the day before when we got caught at Mabira Forest. After the ride, we returned to the hotel and I hurried down for my bungee jump! The BUNGEE! Now that deserves an entire post. Don't you think?

Niyi David

I travel around Africa capturing colourful images and beautiful memories.